Habitability is to enhance the quality of shipboard life/ living quarters in the ship, troop berthing and sanitary spaces in order to attain and maintain the habitability standards by providing innovative space layout, custome design and quality manufacturing. Our team has set new trends in habitability with Indian Navy Ships.

We specialize in design, manufacturing and installing shipboard joiner systems, doors, panels, custom furnishings, accommodations bunking systems, Sanitary renovations etc. The renovations include a complete rip-out of the project spaces and the replacement of all major furniture, fixtures and deck coverings, storage systems based upon Ship Project by combining innovative design, quality craftsmanship, to endure the roll and pitch of the ship. Experience of project management and execution of projects and knowledge of the intricacies and challenges of working within ships are our strengths.

Ships are inducted into the program ten years after commissioning. Project work scopes are sized based on the availability timeframe. Generally, during each Refit scheduled maintenance availability, either a berthing / sanitary space complex or a selected number of all-berthing or all-sanitary spaces are renovated, until all spaces are completed. After all spaces are upgraded, the cycle will be repeated until the ship is decommissioned.

A new Refit is undertaken whilst the ship is in construction. The whole ship is fitted appropriately for each crew member.

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